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Dec 8, 2011

5 Spheres

5 Spheres : The 5 Spheres text (found below) as audio.

May 25, 2011

5 Spheres

5 Spheres was written in order to contextualize my practice, in the Spring of 2011. I’m currently pursuing a MA in Contemporary Fine Art at the University of Salford, under the supervision of Helmut Lemke and Louise Brookes.

Jan 30, 2011


  • The painting is missing its sound, but it is not retrievable.
  • The audio recording is not the sound of the painting because the painting is seen all at once.
  • The two are divorced from one another.
  • The only way to associate sounds with the painting is to be there when it’s made, and hear the sounds for the marks as they’re being made.
  • The completed painting has no sound.
  • The two are related: the recorded sound and the complete painting.

From my reflective statement, written in 2011.

Jan 31, 2010


This reflective (which will download automatically when you click that link) was written to discuss areas of inquiry and research within my practice in the Fall of 2010.

Nov 14, 2008

Chop Suey

(Originally posted on Nov. 14, 2013*, but I’ve amended the published date so it fits into the post timeline better)

I was looking through old files and found these
Here is a collection of the little draft anaimations I made of Rod playing the piano in 2005.

Our Vision of Ourselves  is a fragment of an animation I never made of Takahashi’s precursor, failure, arc of beauty. It features Gilbert Kong, me, Rod, and Sergio Gato.
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The first issue of ZERO TOWN is now available HERE. It was printed as a limited run of 100 (They’ll all be signed and numbered). Physical copies are 6.50 and if you follow through to the blogpost you can read about the process, see some pics, and download a digital copy. (Please consider donating if you enjoy the digital copy to encourage this comic-making behavior.)

deadlift  5 rep max: 110kg
squat double: 100kg