Aug 10, 2015

little Rodrigos

…because everyone should have a little Rodrigo in their life.
I’ve been threatening to make these for over a year and have finally done it. This is my first attempt at resin casting, and also I don’t do too much 3D work anyway…in fact, none at all. Perhaps that will change because this process was really really exciting.


SO–These are the guts! Just a little aluminium foil and some toothpicks to keep it all together.


Then I sculpted him in sculptey


Here he is being shown from whence he came! The silicon mold. He lost a hand in the process of removing him from this thing. That’s ok though.


LEGION! I made these in resin. Some are pink and some I kept in the opaque resin’s off-white.

I just needed to clean them up a little and paint in the eyes then they’re ready to go out to friends.


^above pic taken by Richard Craig

The eyes = the soul


The butt = the what-what


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