Jan 12, 2020

Album Design

There are several designs in this post.
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Reality Rounds
by Alex Dowling

by exclusiveOR (Sam Pluta and Jeff Snyder)

Two Live Sets
by Sam Pluta and Peter Evans

Wet Ink: 20
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Dec 6, 2019

Media for the FluCoMa project

November 2019:

The FluCoMa project put on an amazing performance at HCMF this year. The artists involved were: Olivier Pasquet, Owen Green, Lauren Sarah Hayes, Leafcutter John, and my long-time collaborator, Rodrigo Constanzo.

I made this video about them:


February 2019:

I’ve made the logo and video bumper for FluCoMa

What is FluCoMa?
The Fluid Corpus Manipulation project (FluCoMA) instigates new musical ways of exploiting ever-growing banks of sound and gestures within the digital composition process, by bringing breakthroughs of signal decomposition DSP and machine learning to the toolset of techno-fluent computer composers, creative coders and digital artists.

To create these I:

1) Used Affinity Designer – this was the first time I made something for someone else using vectors. I normally draw using traditional media (and I’ll occasionally color using Photoshop)
2) Created and filmed many different types of ink behavior, on paper and in water
3) Revisited my aviglitch library scripts from when I made Its Fleece Electrostatic, to create the glitch effects found in the video bumper
4) Used Final Cut to animate the different elements of the logo for the bumper
5) And of course just sketched a lot using pencil and paper to get initial ideas down, or to try to change the direction of the design. 

Here are some key moments in the logo’s evolution (Though it wasn’t exactly as linear as this and I’ve left out some things.)
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Dec 1, 2019

Videos for the folks at the University of Huddersfield

John Cage Concert for Piano and Orchestra 

In 2018 I worked making videos for this project lead by Philip Thomas. In the end he’s put together a fantastic resource for composer, performers, and really anyone interested in John Cage’s work. The project has culminated in an interactive webpage that includes the videos we made as well as extensive notes on how to perform John Cage’s Concert for Piano and Orchestra from the performers themselves. The site uses it’s own embedded player–so I can’t embed one here–but if you follow this link it’ll take you to my favorite video. Enjoy. 

John Cage Concert for Piano and Orchestra – SOLO FOR PIANO

John Cage, pictured with pages from the Solo for Piano, New York City (1958) (Phillip Harrington / Alamy Stock Photo)

Boxwood & Brass – Beethoven Symphony No. 7. Shot Feb. 2017

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Oct 29, 2019

Sequential Art Samples

Some pages off a comic I’m currently working on with a writer that I’m having the best time making this with, Jason Chestnut.

How to make synth music…

 A 3 panel comic about Eve Online, the online mmorpg…

A comic strip about some nihilistic rats…

I’ve also completed 2 comic books which I’ve written, linked here:

Aug 16, 2019

That’s So Julian – Comic Book

Julian Assange spent nearly 7 years at the Ecuadorean embassy…and boy did things get wacky! Friends, I obviously had to make a comic book about some of those silly moments. The book is mine from snout to tail, as I am both the writer and artist. I also got it professionally printed, and I’m self-releasing it too.

So if you would like to purchase a copy of this labor of love, send a paypal payment to angela.guyton@gmail.com Don’t forget to add your address in the notes section so I know where to send it.

How much is it you ask?


( 4 for the comic / 2 for the shipping )

What are “bucks” you ask?

If you live in the UK send £6 (GBP). 
If you live in the US/CAN/SouthAm send $6 (USD). 
If you live in the EU send 6€ (EUR). 
If you live anywhere else, send £6 (GBP)
If you’re going to see me or Rod in person,
it’s just 4 bucks and a high five.


That’s So Julian is made up of 16 black and white interior pages and a full color cover, printed professionally on good quality paper. Here are a few pics, and a few pages from inside the comic itself. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it. And do let me know what you think!


**Add five bucks more to your order and get a copy of
NOT The Rodrigo Constanzo Story as well! This one comes with a few stickers and Rod’s fantastic mac n’ cheese recipe!**
 Can’t beat that!

^ I just got these in the post today. My crazy eyes convey my excitement!

That's So Julian, my latest comic is now available. Have a gander and get yourself a copy for just 6 bucks!

deadlift double PR: 110kg / 242.5lbs (Oct.8,2018)