Aug 7, 2013

New Pens!

Testing out some new pens!

Man Dantana 
skullThe skull is owned by Lina Martinez…and no man or woman may yet possess Man Dantana!



  • I am the proud new mommy of that beautiful skull figure!


  • No better place for it ;)

  • Pens Scribe Omens
    Spider Clan’s Totems
    Craft Art, Mystic Gems
    Summon Spiritual Poems

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The first issue of ZERO TOWN is now available HERE. It was printed as a limited run of 100 (They’ll all be signed and numbered). Physical copies are 6.50 and if you follow through to the blogpost you can read about the process, see some pics, and download a digital copy. (Please consider donating if you enjoy the digital copy to encourage this comic-making behavior.)

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squat double: 100kg