September 24,2018:
I am a very lucky person.

March 15, 2018:
We haven’t seen each other in a long time.
I am unrecognizable to myself absent of the relationship to the process of making art. Maybe you have some. 

About me by November 27, 2017: I can do a single 100kg deadlift, and a single 50kg bench press.

Trying to not bring that soft Wason.

July 5, 2016 – a request I made for groceries for when I stay over at a friend’s house for an extended weekend:

– 2 or 3 of the greenest mangos you can find
– soy milk (if possible)
– some green apples
– 1 block of chedder cheese
– jar of those pickled cocktail onions (the white ones and little, not the big brown ones)
– omg, if they have Lucky Charms please buy me Lucky Charms.
– some soups (potato and leek and/or cream of chicken preferably)

 About me by Jan 24, 2016:

I do between 300 and 500 kettle bell swings using a 20kg kettle bell, daily.
and I was able to lucid dream 1 time.

and I am trying to identify with all the warm meat, not just the parts that make the words.

“The philosophy of organism inverts the order, and conceives the thought as a constituent operation in the creation of the occasional thinker,” Alfred North Whitehead said.

“Well then maybe sometimes I also slip into being _____. But _____ isn’t as self-conscious,” Angie thought.

Rodrigo Constanzo is my twin.

About me by May 10, 2014:

P3 – Always ACT out of love
me – But sometimes it’s hard
P3 – Yup

I think having heard your voice was one of the greatest things to have ever been experienced. The kind of thing that’s a good enough reason for why anything should exist at all.