Feb. 4, 2020:
deadlift top set, 5 reps: 110kg / 242.5lbs

September 24, 2018:
I am a very lucky person.

March 15, 2018:
We haven’t seen each other in a long time.
I am unrecognizable to myself absent of the relationship to the process of making art. Maybe you have some. Maybe you’ve just seen one of my videos.

Trying to not bring that soft Wason.

July 5, 2016 – a request I made for groceries for when I stay over at a friend’s house for an extended weekend:

– 2 or 3 of the greenest mangos you can find
– soy milk (if possible)
– some green apples
– 1 block of chedder cheese
– jar of those pickled cocktail onions (the white ones and little, not the big brown ones)
– omg, if they have Lucky Charms please buy me Lucky Charms.
– cans of soup (potato and leek and/or cream of chicken preferably)

 About me by Jan 24, 2016: I was able to lucid dream 1 time.

and I am trying to identify with all the warm meat, not just the parts that make the words.

“The philosophy of organism inverts the order, and conceives the thought as a constituent operation in the creation of the occasional thinker,” Alfred North Whitehead said.

“Well then maybe sometimes I also slip into being _____. But _____ isn’t as self-conscious,” Angie thought.

Rodrigo Constanzo is my twin.

About me by May 10, 2014:

mushrooms – Always ACT out of love
me – But sometimes it’s hard
mushrooms – Yup

I think having heard your voice was one of the greatest things to have ever been experienced. The kind of thing that’s a good enough reason for why anything should exist at all.

The first issue of ZERO TOWN is now available HERE. It was printed as a limited run of 100 (They’ll all be signed and numbered). Physical copies are 6.50 and if you follow through to the blogpost you can read about the process, see some pics, and download a digital copy. (Please consider donating if you enjoy the digital copy to encourage this comic-making behavior.)

deadlift  5 rep max: 110kg
squat double: 100kg