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Nov 27, 2015

for Leo Svirsky

This is specifically for Leo Svirsky
I hope this is a thing you can cross this off that list they gave you.

2 layers:

top – translucent, tracing paper, layer

bottom – paper layer with red ink and enamel

CLOSE-UP of an area

2 layers:

top – translucent, tracing paper, layer

bottom – paper layer with red ink and enamel


The red ink used was Hydrus 4H deep red rose
The black ink used was Rotring drawing ink encre Chine
The red enamel was Humbrol red gloss 19

May 26, 2015

a strong sense of the pattern (all the colors of sex)

a strong sense of the pattern (all the colors of sex)

Owned by Linda Jankowska. 33.5″ x 23″

a teacher encouraged me to make more. as much as possible. if possible everyday. and if not possible to see why not. and eliminate the situation(s) that would inhibit this way of being. With this to learn. see. experience. that the scope of my tendencies.ideas are not as significant as just doing if the two things are in conflict. constant doing. this is what to do. I saw myself seated at the same wooden table day after day. and then lived and felt that vision. and really it said it didn’t even matter when a work was done, because that is decided from within the scope of my inclinations.

I’m going to make something else now. This work is the latest of it’s line. perhaps last the last?…perhaps for now…really this decision is no matter.

Here you can see the others.

Feb 22, 2015

the impossibility of returning to initial conditions

Given to Ray Evanoff and Lauren Capone.

“Science is the study of those phenomena so crude that a return to initial conditions will cause the phenomenon to repeat itself. Nothing else in our own lives does this. It has cut itself off absolutely from the domain of our own lives.” * (Terence McKenna from the lecture “Where Does Reality Begin and End“)

I haven’t made one of these drawings for a while, but thought I would revisit this–this action/process where I am allowed to just sit and draw…

I’ve been thinking some lately about people that create work so similar throughout their lives that it could be said they’ve just been working on the same work…and I generally equate that with a kind of entropy.


now I’ve made this drawing.

It is similar to others I have made. But, I am acutely aware that some things can’t be reset, and that really a return to initial conditions is impossible. So maybe this drawing can just be a control, or a counter-point to my life the last time I made one of these last year (……..Can I get away with that?) Or maybe I just needed to set myself to work on a casual something, and this is my low gear.

(*I love science (!) and I’m sure those who are truly inquisitive about the nature of reality will crack that egg too, so it can tackle more than just crude material processes (Alfred North Whitehead has something to contribute here in his book Process and Reality).  Also, perhaps it’s worth looking at the dependency science has on reproducible results, causality, time in general. Looking at this whole time travelling slug thing might help!)

Aug 20, 2013

A Mundane Transcendental Object

Click on the image to zoom in. I go in deep with this one.
Owned by Linda Jankowska


Jun 22, 2013

Sense/Sense Object Dissection


While drawing this one of the things I was thinking about was the relationship that sense and sense objects have–as it’s articulated in the Upanishads and specifically the Katha Upanishad……Good-bye horrrrrr-ses, I’m flying over youuuuuuuu…..  Also I allowed the two-dimensional figures to not be fully visible, and allowed objects on the surface (foreground) to sneak behind other figures. In other drawings (like this one) this was a limitation I set on myself: that every figure live on the surface, and not curl back into that fake implied space. So that’s why this one has more a three-dimensional quality to it. I allowed myself to push in and pull out. I believe that’s why it feels like a dissection. Going forward I don’t want to be too permissive with myself though, since I’m not trying to make a thing that mimics existing in the space we exist in. We’ll see how it goes on though. I don’t want to over-think this stuff and snuff out the novelty of spontaneous characters/characteristics.

May 22, 2013

The Universe Strummin a Chord

the universe strummin a chord

“But it’s a hard chord, so we don’t always get amazing moments…just so-so ones.” –Rod
(Owned by able and honest violinist, Linda Jankowska.)

Jan 30, 2013


On January 22, 2013




So the most important thing to me would be


It’s that fundamental idea that I’m just here.

There’s nothing more to say about that.


Then there’s something I have to deal with:


Then there’s


which is that it is a filter.

Then we can talk about


This can be broken up

—as far as I know, or have thought about it—



Then there’s



That is called the Homunculus, and this is called the Cartesian Theatre.


Memories! That’s weird…


Then it will be the end of our species.

Again, I need to focus on right now.

So some of my MOTIVATIONS are fear-based


Maybe you’re just me.

Maybe you’re just me out there.


[At this point I should have written


This occurred to me only later that day.]










probably the most

legible manifestations of that communication