Feb 22, 2015

the impossibility of returning to initial conditions

Given to Ray Evanoff and Lauren Capone.

“Science is the study of those phenomena so crude that a return to initial conditions will cause the phenomenon to repeat itself. Nothing else in our own lives does this. It has cut itself off absolutely from the domain of our own lives.” * (Terence McKenna from the lecture “Where Does Reality Begin and End“)

I haven’t made one of these drawings for a while, but thought I would revisit this–this action/process where I am allowed to just sit and draw…

I’ve been thinking some lately about people that create work so similar throughout their lives that it could be said they’ve just been working on the same work…and I generally equate that with a kind of entropy.


now I’ve made this drawing.

It is similar to others I have made. But, I am acutely aware that some things can’t be reset, and that really a return to initial conditions is impossible. So maybe this drawing can just be a control, or a counter-point to my life the last time I made one of these last year (……..Can I get away with that?) Or maybe I just needed to set myself to work on a casual something, and this is my low gear.

(*Also, perhaps it’s worth looking at the dependency science has on reproducible results, causality, time in general. Look at this time travelling slug for instance.)



  • Very thought provoking, as always. Thanks.

  • […] Of course all throughout, aesthetic decisions were made by me. The thinking that took place on this video as I made it–and the thinking that takes place as I watch it–is thick muck. Each section, in addition to being personally deeply significant, approaches the relationship between the audio and the visual in a deliberate way (as if it were a puzzle), and also advances the “narrative”. But engaging in these processes was different from engaging in rational thought. I was working through some stuff myself in making it, and I realize there’s still a lot more I have to work through as I watch it back now that it’s done… […]

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