Jun 22, 2013

Sense/Sense Object Dissection


While drawing this one of the things I was thinking about was the relationship that sense and sense objects have–as it’s articulated in the Upanishads and specifically the Katha Upanishad……Good-bye horrrrrr-ses, I’m flying over youuuuuuuu…..¬† Also I allowed the two-dimensional figures to not be fully visible, and allowed objects on the surface (foreground) to sneak behind other figures. In other drawings (like this one) this was a limitation I set on myself: that every figure live on the surface, and not curl back into that fake implied space. So that’s why this one has more a three-dimensional quality to it. I allowed myself to push in and pull out. I believe that’s why it feels like a dissection.¬†Going forward I don’t want to be too permissive with myself though, since I’m not trying to make a thing that mimics existing in the space we exist in. We’ll see how it goes on though. I don’t want to over-think this stuff and snuff out the novelty of spontaneous characters/characteristics.


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