Oct 17, 2017


My new comic is ready to be held by your delicate reader hands. I did the artwork and my partner Rodrigo Constanzo wrote the script. We didn’t give it a title, but it’s not called The Rodrigo Constanzo Story. It’s 32 laser printed pages on really thick, nice quality paper. 

Below, you can find the online version. If you enjoy it, treat yourself to a physical copy. It’ll come with a few stickers and Rod’s fantastic mac n’ cheese recipe on the back cover! Or if you don’t want a physical copy but still want to support this comic-making behavior, you can make a donation via paypal to angela.guyton@gmail.com (it would be much appreciated :) )

How do I get a copy?

Paypal the correct amount (given your geographic region) to:
Make sure you give me your mailing address too!!
When you send payment write your address in the notes section.

£5 …….. If you live in the UK and you’re going to see Rod in person. (you can pay him in cash.)
£6.50 …….. If you live in the UK and want it mailed to you.
£7 ……..  If you live in Europe.
$9 …….. If you live in the New World (North & South America).

Shipping is included in the price, and it’s coming to you out of Manchester, England.


And here’s the online version. Enjoy!

^centerfold (2 page spread)


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